Views and Liquar! Popular Bar where you can listen to latest tunes in tropical atmonphere “PACHANGA”

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Will you have a plan to enjoy the night life in Kyoto?
or, Are you looking for a Bar that you can drink delicious liquor?

I know a perfect Bar for you.
Today I'd like to introduce a Bar named “PACHANGA” in Kiya-machi where is well known as a entertainment area in

You can enjoy the splendid music, liquor, people, and the views at this Bar.
It is exactly “Mature Tropical”.
Once you enter the Bar, you will spend luxuary time in here without fail.
It opens until late midnight, you'll be able to enjoy freely.

Let's go inside.

Red light on White based interior is making mature mood “PACHANGA”

Inside the Bar, chic floor catch your eyes at first.
Bathroom is only one, but always it's clean.

I absolutely love the mood made by red light and white-based interior.
I can't contain myself because it's too chic.

You can listen to music with a turntable as you see on the left in picture.
Also, there is a large speaker, and you can enjoy high quality sounds.

Those equipments are settled by the specialists, so you can en joy good sounds in here.

Nice views and good sounds let me drink more. This is the “PACHANGA MAGIC”

Beautiful night views and delicious liquor.
And nice music make me feel good and drink more.

The Beer “Hineken” is so good! costs 800 yen for your information.
This perfect location & situation make people feel good and drink.
Can't be avoided!

This is the “PACHANGA MAGIC”!

Provide high-quality sounds and music from the Bar “PACHANGA”

Since the owner is DJ, usually Hip-Hop and R&B music are played in Bar.
As they say, they are playing good music which is conscious of trends.

For your information, they're playing music a genre named “Trap” one of HIP-HOP whose origin is Atlanta these days.

They hold a party gathering some DJs depends on a day.
On that day, you can listen to various genre of music.

The thing that makes me glad is that you can enjoy high-quality sounds, because the sound equipments are all authentic.
This Bar also gets a hot support from club-lover because of such a high-quality sounds they can play.

Origin of the name BAR “PACHANGA”

I asked owner the origin of the name of this Bar “PACHANGA”.

“PACHANGA” means “Party” in Spanish.
The owner said that he want to make this Bar such a Bar.

There are certainly various customer types and it is exactly follows the name of this BAR.

As I see, people are coming by friends and couples.
THe Regular customer is coming by alone.

Since it's very fashionable place to go, I recommend this Bar for dating, enjoying nightlife.
Its opening hour is the one of the attractive point of this Bar, it opens until midnight.
And the owner and other staffs are sometimes talking to. Friendly people makes me confortable.

The space made by this owner is the muture tropical!
How about enjoy the night life in Kyoto, with good liquor & music in tropical mood?

Comment & Reviews of “BAR PACHANGA”

Access and Information of “PACHANGA”

Address in Japanese: 〒604−8021 京都市中京区河原町三条下ル2丁目東入ル北車屋町271 第一観光ビル7F
Address in English: 7F Daiichi Kanko building, 271 Kitakurumaya-cho, 2 cho-me, Higashi-iru, sanjo-kudaru, Kawaramachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto 604-8021
Telephone: 075−255−3560
Open Hours: 20:00〜5:00
Regular Holiday: not fixed
Credit Card: JCB、AMEX、Diners
Smoking: Yes
Nearest Transport: 5 minutes walk from “Sanjo” station, Kyoto city subway
Parking Lot: None
Nearest metered parking: Re park Kiya-machi 2nd





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