The restaurant like a private hideaway in Shijo-Karasuma! “Chikiriya- Saryo” who serves the best “TON-TEKI” (pork steak with sause)

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I visited “Chikiriya-Saryo” which is like a private hideaway in Shijo-Karasuma.

I used to visit here frequently when I worked as a office worker in Shijo.
I absolutely love the sause of Ton-Teki of this restaurant.

To explain the taste of this Ton-Teki, “Shoking!!” this is the best words for that.

When I visited and had a Ton-Teki, I’ve been shocked by the taste of delicious Ton-Teki.
Since then I always order Ton-Teki only.

Today, I introduce this restaurant “Chikiriya-Saryo” who gives us the best Ton-Teki from now on.

Please check it.

内Very clean inside the restaurant

The inside of this restaurant, it’s very clean and really refreshing.
The cleanness is very important for the restaurant, isn't it?

I’m not like a “clean freak”, but I really comfortable and feel the elegance in here.

You might or might not miss the entrance of the restaurant.
it is located at undergrande of the building which is about 100m north from McDonald’s at Shijo-Karasuma crossing.

There is an entrance after you get off the stairs.

Even the Ornament, it is refined.

As soon as common Lunch time, which is around 12 o’clock begin, the restaurant is soon full with the Office ladies and Businessman.

The neighbours all knows the delicious restaurant!!

There are 7 two-seat tables and 3 seats at the counters, and you might have to wait a little at the entrance when it’s lunch time from 12:00 to 13:30 since it is often full.

The restaurant is established in 2011.
Interior is very stylish and clean!

“Ton-Teki” is the best recommended of “Chikiriya-Saryo”

The Lunch Menu is like this.
The daily “Chikiriya Lunch” is seemed to be most popular since it's often sold out.

I always order Ton-Teki, I’m so addicted to that!

Daily Chikira Lunch (limited) : 850 yen
Fried Shrimp Lunch (with Soup & Rice) : 1300 yen
Demi- Curry with beef cutlet : 940 yen
Cold -Noodle with gochujang(Korean red chili paste) with pilaf and sweets : 940 yen
Omlet Rice (with Soup & Rice) : 940 yen
Ton- Teki 200 g (with Soup & Rice) : 940 yen >>>> My Best Recommend!!

See, this is the “Ton-Teki 970 yen”
The Ton-Teki is really nice and never been bored about the taste.
I want you to try it seriously.

Here is a happy news for men.
The rice, you can order a large serving by free!!

There are some restaurant who serves rice of low qualities even the dish is delicious.

“Chikiriya-Saryo” is not like that.

The rice looks shiny and beautiful.
It’s very high quality.
The seasonal soup this time was Clam chowder.

Ton-Teki is awesome, seasonal soup is delicious, rice is high quality,

Everything you can eat in this restaurant is absolutely delicious!
I promise.

At dinner time, “Chikiriya Saryo” shifts to be a casual bar.
Dinner time is 17:00 ~21:30.

Since I always visit at lunch time,
I’ll try dinner hour next time, and will review to you accordingly.


“Had a lunch at “Chikiriya-Saryo” in Shijo-Karasuma.
Hamburg Steak made with 100% beef is so soft with crispy texture outside.
A thick sause makes me a captivate of..

The dough of this baguette, Japanese green tea is knead into.

Access & Information

Name: Chikiriya Saryo (ちきりや茶寮)
Japanese Address: 〒604-8153 京都市中京区烏丸通四条上る笋町682 梅軒ビルBF
English Address: B1 Umenoki-building, Takanna-cho 682, Shijo-Noboru, Karasuma-Shijo, Nakagyo- Ku, Kyoto-City, Kyoto 604-8153
Telephone: 075-253-6322
Open Hours: Lunch11:30~14:30, Dinner17:00~21:30
Regular Holiday:Sunday, National Holiday, 2nd & 4th Saturday
Smoking Area: None
Nearest Transport: 1 minute walk from “Shijo” station, Kyoto City Subway
Parking lot :None
Nearest metered parking: Times Parking Shijo-Karasuma





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