“FIT WORKS” is the best clotehs repair shop in Kyoto! Professional Repairing let you wear the clothes of memories again! 【Nishino-Toin-Ebisugawa】

店舗PRをご希望の方はこちら >> The clothes I love has been torn. Favorite Denim has been worn out. Need hem up for my new c...

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The clothes I love has been torn.
Favorite Denim has been worn out.
Need hem up for my new clothes.

Don’t you want to ask the shop who has the professional skills?

I introduce the clothes repair shop for you with assurance.

this time, I visited the “FIT WORKS” in Nishino-Toin-Ebisugawa

Previously this shop was in Nishi-Kyogoku which is the main area of Kyoto City, but now it’s moved to here in this Nishino-Toin-Ebisugawa, and managed calmly.

You can ask the owner anything about clothes-repair who has the professional skill of repairing.

From the denim to casual wear, you can ask repairing to “FIT WORKS”

Although “FIT WORKS” to specialize the repairing DENIM,don’t worry, they can also repair other type of clothes.

Let’s see the external appearance first.

Very aesthetic exterior.
Door, Windows, Post, a sign board,,, everything join together and it looks like one art.

Let’s go inside.

The inside the shop is very workspace for a craftsman.
These equipments are so cool.

There are many clothes which is on the way of repairing.

On the wall, there are a lot of yarn of various hues.

The variation of the colours looks so beautiful.

What is more,

Looks so powerful lined yarns.
The clothes will be repaired by using these yarns

Not only repairing but also selling handmade goods.

“FIT WORKS” is not only a shop of repairing.
They make clothes completely handmade, and sell them!

See, these clothes, all handmade.

From the perspective of repair craftsmen, the owner make the clothes which user can wear it for long time and enjoy user’s own taste.

For example, the sawing of mass production is sometime complicated nonsenselly.

The clothes in here, owner cut out these complicated sawing so that you can repair the clothes easily when it will be damaged.

That you can easily repair means that the charges get from customer will be low.
Owner think about the future, not just making & selling the clothes.

What a nice story.

For your information, the bag on the photo is also handmade.
The fabric on right side, his wife weave with the yarns which she imported by Turkey.

Too lovely!

Let’s check the price list

Here is the each price of repairing.

Hemming / Out Hemming
Cutting Jeans (single stitch): Starting at 525 yen 〜
Hemming with saving/moving the damag texture: Starting at 1,680 yen 〜
Take in/out waist: Starting at 2,625 yen 〜
waist down (change to low-rise pants): Starting at 5,250 yen 〜
Tapering pants legs (Knee~bottom): Starting at 2,100 yen 〜
Tapering pants legs (thigh~bottom): Starting at 3,150 yen 〜
Zipper change: Starting at 2,625 yen 〜
Repairing stitch: Starting at 525 yen 〜
Repairing a tear, a hole: Starting at 525 yen 〜
repairing torn pocket, worn out pocket: Starting at 840 yen 〜

Of course, the price will be changed depends on the condition.

If you want to check the price, I recommend you to visit and ask owner, or call the shop beforehand.

I am the heavy use of this shop and ask them to repair my favorite jeans more than 10 times!

Concept of “FIT WORKS”

Owner says,
“I just want people to use favorite goods for long time, just it.”

Use the favorite for long time.
To do that, “The clothes will have more own taste, and user will attach to it”.
The owner want to spread this spirit against clothes.

He really love the clothes.

The future of “FIT WORKS”

“In the future, while based on the ’repairing’ , I want to make a interesting clothes which is worn a long time.

“I don’t want to make the clothes which is commercially available”
“It is nonsense for me if I make the clothes same as common clothes”

As owner says like this, the design of clothes in the store are unique.
For example the Trousers, the rise is very deep.
By making so, the rise hard to become damaged.

I think such a attention, love, particular about clothes drive him to work hard.

If you “Want to repair the clothes”, “Need hamming the trouser” “want my jeans repaired”,
“FIT WORKS” in Kyoto is the best.

How about going there and ask repairing your favorite?

Reviews and Reputation of “FIT WORKS”

“There is only ‘FIT WORKS' in kyoto who can do ‘chain stitch’”


Japanese Address: 〒604−0062 京都市中京区西洞院夷川下ル薬師町644
English Address: Yakushi-cho 644, Nishino-Toin-Ebisugawa Sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto 604-0062
Open hours:12:00〜19:00
Regular holiday: Monday, 3rd Saturday
Nearest Transport by train: 12 minutes walk from “Karasuma-Oike” station, Kyoto City Subway
Parking lot: None
Nearest metered parking:Times Nishino-Toin-Ebisugawa2





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