The Japanese pub in Shimogamo whose interior is so artistic! You can enjoy nice Kushikatsu (Deep-fried skewers) and Oden (stew made with boiled eggs, radish, fishcake and so on) “Doyanen”

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Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy nice Kushikatsu and Oden, with Alcohol, aren’t you?

So, I introduce the Japanese pub in Shimogamo area in Kyoto who serves delicious Kushikatsu and Oden.
I visited the Japanese pub named “Doyanen” in Shimogamo.

“Doyanen” is a Japanese pub opened in the spring of 2014.
It is the very nice Japanese pub they serve us not only Kushikatsu and Oden, but also delicious Sake and good time.

It is like a sense of beling overwhelmed by the plenty of artistic pictures.

Let’s get into and see the inside of this pub.

Many artistic interiors in the shop create the fashionable atmosphere.

The impact of the pictures is amazing!

These art pictures are the works of Ki-Yan who is the representing mural painter in Kyoto.
It seems that the owner of this pub and Ki-Yan know each other.

Let’s move to the counter seats inside.

See, this punch of carp painted on the wall!!

In the deep inside the pub,

Customers seem to enjoy so much fun!!
The nice atmosphere make customers high-energy!

Next, let’s see the menu.

I tried Oden which is owner's recommendation.

The menu is as below :

They have not only Oden and Kushikatsu, but also many other dishes.
Let’s check the Oden first.

I ordered “meat-stuffed cabbage” and Konjak this time.
The flavour of the soup has soaked right in, delicious!!

The concept of “Doyanen”

The Black and Red colour of its interior is based on the concept of this pub:
“Let’s enjoy the Sake in-between this world and the other world”

I feel even this concept is artistic!
Well understood why I enjoy the dinner at this pub.

Ken-san who is the owner of this shop is really friendly.
This delightful atmosphere is made by the character of him.

The customer base is very wide, from college students to elderly people.

Since owner is so friendly person, he is always busy with talking, listening to customer’s problem, and giving some advice to customers,,, and so on.

How about enjoying delicious Kushikatsu and oden, and drinking in such a space filled with humanity?

Reviews and Reputation of “Doyanen”

Access and Information

Name: Doyanen (どやねん)
Japanese Address: 〒606−0862 京都市左京区下鴨本町11−8
English Address: 11-8 Shimogamo-Honmahchi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto 606-0862
Telephone: 075−746−6879
Open Hours: 17:00〜24:00
Regular Holiday:Thursday
Credit Card: not available
Smoking: Yes
Nearest Transport: 15 minutes walk from “KJitayama station”, Kyoto City Subway
Parking lot: None
Nearest metered parking: Kyo-Teku Shimogamo-Hondori parking





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