The best fashionable bookstore in Kyoto! The World recognized select bookstore “Keibunsha Ichijoji”【Ichijoji】

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The best fashionable bookstore in Kyoto! The World recognized select bookstore “Keibunsha Ichijoji”【Ichijoji】

Do you know the only bookstore in Japan which is selected as one of the “World’s top 10 beautiful book store” ?

“Keibunsha Ichijoji” is the one.

Ichijoji area is very popular area by tourists which has many sightseeing spot such as “Shisendo”, “Hachidai Shirine”, “Tanukidani-san Fudo-in”, and also famous as A Ramen hotspot!

“Keibunsha Ichijoji” is also sightseeing spot in this Ichijoji area which is popular by tourists.

This bookstore has been ranked in the “top 10 most beautiful bookstore in the world” , of the guardian UK in 2010.

I summed up about this world recognized bookstore briefly.

Also, it’s nice for you to stop by some coffee shops who locates nearby for example “Akatsuki Coffee”, “Inkyo Cafe”.

I recommend this not only as sightseeing spot, but also for dating!
Now, let’s see the detail.

“Living variety shop & Gallery” which deal with housewares.

“Living variety shop & Gallery” which deal with housewares.

Keibunsha is “The select shop of various things, concerning to the books”.
This theme is shown up on their Website.

As this words, they display the goods according to the theme of the books.

For example, they display the dishes and tableware near the books whose theme is “eating”.
This is one of the reason why Keibunsha has became very popular.

Not limited to only to books.
This is one of the reason why they are so popular bookstore.

This time, I visited from the entrance of west side first.

West side is called “Seikatsu-kan” (‘生活-Seikatsu’ means ‘Living’, ‘館-kan’ means ‘building’) , there is a gallery, some housewares are displayed, and books regarding food, clothing and housing are dealt with.

It’s enjoyable to see and touch many things not only books.
This “Seikatsu-kan” opened in 2006.

The mini gallery, gives its space to many artists to exhibit the goods for a limited time.

Let’s go deep in the store.

The World’s most beautiful Book section in “Keibunsha Ichijoji”

Inside the store, it’s sunny and feel good.
Many books and wooden shelf and floor make me calm down.

There is a garden, and bathroom in the back of the store.

Somehow, I feel like I want to go to the bathroom after strolling around in the bookstore.

They have many maniac books, it can be said these selections are “unique to” this bookstore.

We would like to introduce what staffs are convinced with, dont want to be a bookstore that only introduces “anyway new”.
We would like to make proposals that make you to experience unexpected encounter, not only display the books functionally.
We would like you to enjoy by watching the book which has beautiful cover.

I quoted some words of them from the website of “Keibunsha Ichijoji”.
I feel the strong passion against book from these words.

This firm concept make this store as “World’s most beautiful bookstore”.

If you looking for an eccentric bookstore, I strongly recomend “Keibunsha Ichijoji”.

Maniac Music section in “Keibunsha Ichijoji”

They have a Music section in center-back side of inside the store.
I've been waiting!

Although it is not music that sells at a large store, they have selected CDs.
Of course, there are not only CDs, but also a lot of books related to music.

They also have a quite maniac books.
I purchased several books in the past.

Let’s see the story books and magazines

There are section of story books and magazines.

First, Story books.

Also, there are many unique books, but don’t worry.
There are also old masterpieces available.

The opposite side is the section of magazine.

There are various type of magazines.

This bookstore is a fun space, if you come by alone, couples, and families.
You can also come this spot for dating.

The person who live in Kyoto, everyone recommend “Keibunsha Ichijoji” as the Best Bookstore in ichijoji.
This bookstore is as much famous bookstore, and they have unique sense of selection, I think.

How about to come Ichijoji in Kyoto to search the selected with this firm concept?
You can also visit the sophisticated cafe, and sightseeing spot, too.
I recommend this bookstore and area to come.

Access to “Keibunsha Ichijoji”

From Kyoto station

No. 206 “Takano” stop
No. 5 “Ichijoji Sagarimatsu” stop

Kyoto station to Kitaoji station >> by Kyoto city subway,
From Kitaoji to Takano bus stop >> by bus No. 204 & No. 206

Reviews and reputation of “Keibunsha Ichijoji”

Finally I got “Yoru no ki”!
This is the story book which is like art work, silk-screen printed on Japanese traditional paper”washi”.

Information of “Keibunsha Ichijoji”

Name: Keibunsha Ichijoji (恵文社一乗寺店)
Japanese Address: 〒606−8184 京都市左京区一乗寺払殿町10
English Address: Haraitono-cho 10, Ichijoji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto 606-8184
Openning Hours: 10:00〜21:00(except for New Year Holiday)
Regular Holiday:None (except for New Year Holiday)
Credit Card :VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners
By Subway: 3 minutes walk from “Ichijoji station”, Eizan Railways
By bus: 1 minutes walk from “Ichijoji Takatsuki machi” bus stop , Kyoto City bus
Parking lot: Yes, 8 parking lots are available





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