Space with an atmosphere of Scandinavian. Coffee shop (Cafe) which provide you the relaxing time and delicious coffee. “Akatsuki Coffee”【Ichijoji】

店舗PRをご希望の方はこちら >> Are you looking for a nice and homey coffee shop (cafe) in Ichijoji? I as a coffee lovers wo...

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Are you looking for a nice and homey coffee shop (cafe) in Ichijoji?

I as a coffee lovers would like to introduce the coffee shop which I love since its opening.
This time I have visited “Akatsuki Coffee” which faces the Higashi-Oji street in Ichijoji.

“Akatsuki Coffee”, its opening was end of October in 2012.
Very chic café with Scandinavian atmosphere.

Let’s see now.

Delicious Coffee and atmosphere of scandinavian

White wall, wooden tables and chairs catch your eyes as you enter the shop.
Herringbone floor is making sophisticated mood.

Feel the warmth of wood, and very clean.

The blue and gray colour of the wall makes me feel relax and match up with the whole atmosphere of the shop.

The Recommended menu of “Akatsuki Coffee”

They have Coffee, Cakes, Parfait, Toast, and Brunch.
There are also Cookie & Scone which is for to-go but also you can have them in the shop.

I ordered “Single Origin Ethiopia” this time.

Although it was light and plain, I feel slight acidity at the same time.
Enjoyed the taste so much.
The price is 450 yen.

The owner always study hard about the coffee anytime I visit, and never forget to check the coffee recipe.

He says with serving a coffee for me.
“The world of coffee is always a continuous of something new discovery!”

I think the master’s serious attitude towards coffee is on the taste of coffee.
This I not so exaggerate.

The master has taken a firm decision to use this machine for making a coffee.

So cool & stylish isn’t it?
I feel his strong passion on it.

Delicious Lunch and Sweets made by master's wife

The wife of the master has learned making sweets at college of confectionary, and worked at Cake shop and Cafe.

Every meals and sweets made by master’s wife are so nice.
The parfait offered in a limited duration is also good.

The sweets on the counter besides register is not always the same, but changes day to day.
It will make you never boared.

As she says, she focuses on if her sweets will go good with coffee when she makes sweets.
I’m impressed by her thinking, and I convinced the good taste is supported by her way of making sweets.

Origin of the name “Akatsuki Coffee”

The master and master’s wife fitst met at cafe.
The name of the apartment which they live together long time ago was “Akatsuki”.

At that time, they serve a coffee to friends at their room.
That friends always say when they leave the room “I’ll be back to drink ‘Akatsuki Coffee' soon!!”.

That is a origin of the shop name “Akatsuki Coffee”

What a lovely story, I love it.

The coffee and Sweets are so exquisite!
How about tasting delicious coffee at comfortable café?
That will fulfill your heart full.

Reviews and Reputation of “Akatsuki Coffee”

“‘Akatsuki Coffee' in Kyoto is more stylish than any other cafe in foreign country”


Name: Akatsuki Coffee (アカツキコーヒー)
Japanse Address: 〒606−8182 京都市左京区一乗寺赤ノ宮町15−1 1階
English Address: 1F 15-11, Akanomiya-cho, Ichijo-ji,Sakyo-ku,
Kyoto-city, Kyoto 606-8182

Telephone: 075−702−5399
Open hours: 9:00〜17:00
Regular holiday: Sunday, 2nd Wednesday
Smoking area:None
Nearest Transport: 8 minutes walk from “Chayama station”, Eizan Railways
Parking lot: None
Nearest metered parking:Kyoteku Takano Parking





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