Yellow wall makes you are under the illusion that you’re in foreign country!? The cafe which is popular by too delicious handmade bread “Année” 【Karasuma Aneya Koji】

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Are you looking for a delicious lunch when you visit “Kyoto International Manga Museum”, Karasuma-Oike area?

I as a Kyoto lovercan introduce my favorite cafe who has so delicious handmade bread.
Today, I visited the cafe “Année”.

“Année” is the sister cafe of “CAFE KOCSI” which is known as very comfy cafe.

You can enjoy different atmosphere at “Année” from “CAFE KOCSI”

Let's see now.


At the store front, there is a black board written the menu.

and you can see the appetizing bread in a line.

I'll soon enter the store, in spite of myself as I see the shape of delicious looking bread.

Let's see inside.

Delicious breads are shinning at show-window

As soon as you enter, you can see a lots of bread are displayed.
Let's check the detail.

It has a certain atmosphere which is different from usual bakery shop!

“I can't make up my mind which one to choose”..
My mind is shouting.

Let's take a sheet before I decide what to order.

Interior and wall color of “Année” which make me be under impression of foreign cafe

I'm surprised by vivid yellow color of the wall.

I don't know why, inside the cafe is such a soothing atmosphere.

You can shoose the Lunch Menu from 4 type.

What is more, Breads are free refills!

I ordered this one.

Pain au Sucre.
The texture is like sucking into the mouth as I bite it.
This feeling can not be expressed …

Anyway it is too tasty!
That's why I finished it quickly.

Origin of the name “Année”

“Année” means “a year” in French.
The owner put meaning of “Cherishing each year” into this name.

The atmosphere is very nice and all staffs are so friendly in this cafe “Année”.
I thought that the biggest attraction of this cafe is the personality of the staff.
That makes the warming atmosphere and taste of the breads.

It is best for comming by alone, couples, with friends.
I recommend this cafe for dating, Lunch, and taking a brake during your trip.

All Staffs are so friendly!
So comfy place.

How about stopping by “Année” when you want to take a break, eat delicious bread?

Reviews and Reputaion of “Année”

” ‘Année' It's a Bakery and a Cafe at the same time. Chocolat Orange at right was fabulous since I'm a sweets lover.”

Access & Information of “Année”

Name: Année(アネ)
Address in Japanese: 〒604−8202 京都市中京区室町姉小路西入突抜町139 プリモフィオーレ101
Address in English: Primo Fiore 101, Tsukinuke-cho 139, Aneya-koji Nishiiru, Muromachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto 604−8202
Telephone: 075−222−0517
Open Hours: 11:00〜22:00, Saturday10:00〜22:00
Regular Holiday: Thursday, Sunday, 3rd Wednesday
Credit Card: No
Smoking: No
Nearest Transport: 3 minutes walk from “Karasuma Oike” station, Kyoto-city Subway
By bus: 2 minutes walk from “Shinmachi-Oike” bus stop, 4 minutes walk from “Karasuma Sanjo” bus stop Kyoto City Bus
Parking lot: None
Nearest metered parking: Pit In Aneya-koji, Koromono-tana 2





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