The coffee cup decorated in the store is too stylish! A coffee shop (Café) like a private hideaway in the back street. “Coffee Tsutaya” 【Shijo Karasuma】

店舗PRをご希望の方はこちら >> Are you looking for a fashionable and atmosphereful coffee shop (cafe) in Shijo Karasuma? I ...

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Are you looking for a fashionable and atmosphereful coffee shop (cafe) in Shijo Karasuma?

I as a coffee lovers would like to introduce the tasty coffee shop.
This time, I have visited the “Coffee Tsutaya (Tsutaya)” at Higashino-Toin-Rokkaku.

“Coffee Tsutaya (Tsutaya)” is a long-established store established in 1986.
It is a coffee shop with an atmosphere and with retro both exterior and interior.

Let's see now.

Fashionable and tasty coffee shop (Cafe) “Tsutaya”.

Blue tile have a big impact and eye- catching at the entrance

As you enter,

You can see a stylish counter.

There is an array of coffee cup on the wall.
It’s like instagenic!

Let’s check the view of this counter from the front.

“What an amazing coffee cups!”

I said.
Master answered with a proud and beaming smile.

“It seems that the game is mine!
If you say amazing before you have a coffee, just only enter the shop!”

Well, let’s see the menu.

The best recommended menu is “Tsutaya Blend”

The Best Recommended menu is “Tsutaya Blend”

They have a Coffee, Tea, Juice, Ice-cream, and some Cakes.

I ordered the recommended one, “Tsutaya Blend” this time.
Enjoyed plain taste.
500 yen including TAX.

I fully understood the Master’s motto after I had a Tsutaya Blend.

“The coffee tastes good even when it became cold too”

The cakes which costs only 300 yen including TAX also looks so delicious though I haven’t had this time.

I decided to have this cake next time.

For the customers who visit many times, Coffee ticket is recommended
which will benefit from a cup of profitable coffee tickets!

For the customers who visit many times should buy a profitable coffee ticket which you can drink a one-cup of coffee virtually for free.
There is a coffee ticket at this shop.

Coffee ticket is an unique aspect of the long-established shops.
But it seems to be so rare to see such a ticket these days.

This is very profitable service for a regular customer, and customer who likes this shop, and are going to come many times from now.

The interior is based on the colour brown and black, very calm and nice atmosphere.

Origin of the name “Coffee Tsutaya”

The beginning is that the master took over his parents’ long- standing ambition which they want to open the shop in Kyoto.

The name “Tsutaya” came from the name of his mother “Tsutako”.

Tsuta (Tsutako’s ) ya (means house), means Tsutako’s house.

That’s why Chinese character shows not 屋 (sounds ‘ya’, means shops. ) but 家 (sounds’ya’, means house).

What a nice and heart-warming story.
The master took over the parent’s dream and open a shop over 30 years…!

Spent a good time with Master and his wife.
They are very open and friendly.

You can definitely relax with good taste coffee and homey atmosphere.

Reviews and Reputation of “Tsutaya”

“Had a cup of coffee at “Tsutaya” which is seen in The Eccentric Family(Uchoten Kazoku).
Talked with master after a long time.”

Access and Information

Name: Coffee Tsutaya (珈琲 蔦家)
Address in JP: 〒604−8147 京都市中京区東洞院六角御射山町260 ロイヤルプラザ1F
Address in EN: Royal plaza 1F, 260, Higashino-Toin-Rokkaku, Misayama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto 604-8147
Telephone: 075-255-5727
Open hours: Weekday 9:00〜18:00、Saturday & Sunday 11:00〜17:00
Regular holiday: not fixed
Nearest Transport: 5 minutes walk from Karasuma-Oike station, Kyoto City Subway
Parking lot: none
Nearest metered parking:Karasuma Takoyakushi parking





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