Recommended for girls! Fashionable ramen-restaurant managed by former French chef “Men Bistro Nakano”

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Ladies, do you have a mood to want to eat ramen by alone, don't you?
I often have such a mood as a ramen lover.

But, It is hard for woman to enter the ramen restaurant…
Though it is ok if I'm with someone, need to take courage to through that kind of shop curtain….

I've been looking for the ramen restaurant which I can easily enter in.

Then….. Actually,,,, I found that in Kyoto!

Really delicious ramen restaurant who has the cafe-like external appearance!!

The ramen restaurant named “Men (means noodles in Japanese) bistro Nakano”.

Woman can go by alone! Fashionable ramen restaurant “Men (means noodles in Japanese) bistro Nakano”

It takes 6 minutes walk from Karasuma station.
The exterior is the Cafe, not a ramen restaurant anymore.

There is not a atmosphere of ramen shop at all!
It makes me think “Am I wrong!? it's a cafe!”

Check the menu board at the entrance.
I'm relieved to recognize that this restaurant offers Ramen.

Let's enter the inside.

Accessories and Interiors are selected with strong preference.
Plaid Tablecloth is so cute, Women do likes this atmosphere.

Since I visited around 2 o'clock PM, inside of the restaurant is calm.

The Menu of “Men (means noodles in Japanese) bistro Nakano”

This is the menu, and it says also “We can provide you paper-apron and disposable hairbands if you want”.
They have a Ramen, soupless noodle, and such a eccentric menu as below!

As I asked best recommended menu to chef, he answered that most popular menu are “Spicy soupless noodle” and “Black soy sauce noodle”.

I couldn't pick one from his recommendation for a while.
Finally, I decided to order “Spicy soup-less noodle” with fried garlic.

Here comes that!

Looks so delicious and voluminous!

The noodle is nice middle-thick.

The soup is rich, and tasty! not too heavy!

This soup is made by the French cuisine style.
Use the potherb like Herbs and Basils to suppresses the smell of fish and meat and adds a distinctive flavor.
Therefore the taste is rich yet delicate.
Women must like them!

And Fried chicken also has a superb taste, with kind of curry spice.
Of course men also like this because it has just right volume.

You can enjoy wine at night!? it is like French restaurant!

Actually, you can have an a la carte  as below, with a liquar like wine, beer, and cocktail.

It is good for you to enjoy a la carte and liqueur at dinner time.
and have Ramen as “Shime” to call it a night.
It's wonderful.

Stylish Ramen restaurant which you can enjoy lunch time as ramen shop, and dinner time as different type of restaurant.

The taste is splendid, but the atmosphere is impressive.
It makes woman to go by alone so easily.

Reviews and Reputation of “Men bistro Nakano”

“‘Onion potage noodle' and ‘White soy sause noodle'.
So unique and delicate taste made by former French chef!”

Access and information of “Men bistro Nakano”

Name: “Men bistro Nakano” (麺ビストロ ナカノ)
Address in Japanese: 〒604-8226 京都府京都市中京区西錦小路町269 松広ビル
Address in English: Matsuhiro building, 269, Nishi-Nishikikoji-cho, Nakagyo-ku, kyoto-city, Kyoto 604-8226
Telephone: 075-241-0907
Open hours: 11:30~15:00、18:00~22:00, Sun & National Holiday close 21:00
Regular holiday: Monday
Credit card: No
Nearest Transport: 5 minutes walk from “Shijo station”, Kyoto city subway
Parking lot: none
Nearest metered parking: Shinmachi Nishikikoji Garage





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