【Gion Festival (Matsuri) 2023】Perfect Guide about pedestrian’s paradise zone, schedule, and traffic regulations during festival

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Gion Festival (Gion Matsuri) is one of the 3 biggest festivals in Japan.
It is one of the most prestigious festivals in Japan that about 1.8 million visitors will visit during the annual event.

Gion festival (Gion Matsuri) is also known that Kyoto city becomes pedestrian's paradise, especially during these 2 days, Kyoto City is crowded with quite a lot of people.
Special attention need to be paid for the people who have a plan to move by car, or with children especially.

Therefore, I will explain clearly about the time and area when it is a pedestrian's paradise of the Kyoto Gion Festival (Gion Matsuri).

Area and Time schedule of Pedestrian's paradise at Gion Festival 2023

The time schedule of Pedestrian's paradise of these 2 days is as below.

The time schedule of Pedestrian's paradise
15th July. 2019 (Sat) 18:00~23:00
16th July. 2019 (Sun) 18:00~23:00

For your information, the food stands are only open during 3 days from 14th/July to 16th/July.

The time to become pedestrian's paradise is from 18 o'clock to 23 o'clock, it will be towards evening.
Prepare your mind since people will overflow from this time and the number of people will increase considerably after it become grow dark.

The area of Pedestrian's paradise at Gion Festival (Gion Matsuri) 2023


Above map shows the area of Pedestrian's paradise.
Although the area is pretty wide, there are Yamaboko on a narrow road, and many food stands are open so all the streets are overflow with people.

There are truly lots of people and you can walk ahead onyl a little by little.
It is hard if you come with strollers or have a lot of baggage.

For the people who are coming in groups or coming with children, please try never to get lost.
I think that it is also good to discuss a meeting place in case getting lost beforehand.

Traffic Regulation of Gion Festival (Gion Matsuri) 2023

At the Gion Festival (Gion Matsuri), traffic regulations are carried out throughout Shijyo-dori all day during the period from July 10 (Mon) to 25 (Tue) when Hoko floats building starts.

The detailed section of traffic regulation is officially announced on the Kyoto police website, so I will quote it.
Please refer to.

(Below drew map is only for 2018. For 2023, the Kyoto police have not announced any yet at this moment (Jun 2023)
We will update it as we get official information from Kyoto police)

◯Traffic Regulation Map following “Yama-Hoko building” (10/Mon ~ 18/Tue)

◯Road Closure Information

Road Zone Period Time Object
Muromachi-dori Nishikikoji-dori~Shijo-dori 10/Jul(Mon) ~ 18/Jul(Tue) All day Vehicle*1
Takoyakushi-dori ~ Nishikikoji-dori 12/Jul(Wed) ~ 17/Jul(Mon)
Ayanokoji-dori ~ Bukkoji-dori 13/Jul(Thu) ~ 18/Jul(Tue)
Shinmachi-dori Ayanokoji-dori ~ Shijo-dori 11/Jul(Tue) ~ 18/Jul(Tue)
Ayanokoji-dori ~ Bukkoji-dori
Bukkoji-dori ~ Takatsuji-dori
Shijo-dori ~ Ayanokoji-dori 13/Jul(Thu) ~ 25/Jul(Tue)
Higashinotoin-dori Takatsuji-dori ~ Matsubara-dori 12/Jul(Wed) ~ 18/Jul(Tue)
Aburanokoji-dori Ayanokoji-dori ~ Takatsuji-dori 13/Jul(Thu) ~ 17/Jul(Mon)
Nishikinokoji-dori Karasuma-dori ~ Shinmachi-dori
Ayanokoji-dori Muromachi-dori ~ Nishinotoin-dori 13/Jul(Thu) ~ 18/Jul(Tue)
Nishinotoin-dori ~ Aburanokoji-dori 13/Jul(Thu) ~ 17/Jul(Mon)
Bukkoji-dori Nishinotoin-dori ~ Samegai-dori

*1 exept for the residents, all the persons concerned

◯One-way Information

Road Zone Period Time Forbidden Direction Object
Muromachi-dori Shijo-dori ~ Ayanokoji-dori 10/Jul(Mon) ~ 18/Jul(Tue) All day To North Automobile*1
Ayanokoji-dori Karasuma-dori ~ Muromachi-dori 13/Jul(Thu) ~ 18/Jul(Tue) To West
Nishinotoin-dori Takoyakushi-dori ~ Shijo-dori 13/Jul(Thu) ~ 17/Jul(Mon) To North Vehicle*2

*1 Except for Local busses and a two-wheeled vehicle
*2 Except for Bicycle

Summary:Area and Time schedule of Pedestrian's paradise at Gion Festival 2023

I explained the area and Time schedule of Pedestrian's paradise today.
Let's review a little bit.

Zone and Schedule of Pedestrian Paradise
15/Jul (Sat) 18:00~23:00
16/Jul (Sun) 18:00~23:00
Zone: Shijo-dori, Karasuma area

These kind of information will help a lot if you can be known beforehand.
Gion Festival (Gion Matsuri) is Such a big festival in Japan, the information is very important and help you.

In order to enjoy the festival, please refer to this article by all means for danger prediction.
May your festival be fun.





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