The place like a private hideaway ! You can enjoy delicious breads and reading book with relax 【Sanjo】

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Don’t you have a mood to calm your body and mind down?

Reset your mind not to think anything, just daydreaming.
A day had passed during doing that only.
It’s nice to have such a day once in a while isn’t it?

When you have such a mood, I want to recommend this place.
I visited “CAFE KOCSI” in Tominokoji-Sanjo, Kyoto.
This Cafe is nice for you when you are looking for Cafe near “Honnoji”.

This Cafe became popular for delicious breads, other dishes also very nice which I want to introduce.
And They have a lot of books in cafe which you can read freely.

Since it opens until late, you can really relax in here.
You can use both lunch and dinner.
Also, you should stop by here if you are in cafe-hopping.

Let’s see the detail.

Homey, Slowly, Cozy Cafe

Inside, very comfortable space as far as I can see.
I regard here like a private hideaway somehow.

The bathroom is right in the cafe.

The wall color is emerald green painted, and birds are drawn on it
The large window catch the sun nicely.

Seriously, You can relax in here all day.
”Ah…soothing time…”

My favorite situation is to come on rainy day, get settled at this cafe.
I love this situation.

Ownrer’s handmade breads is very popular

“CAFE KOCSI” is popular for delicious breads.
The bread handmade by owner who have been Paris to learn baking are awesome.

I can’t choose one because everything are nice..!
I’m serious!

You’ll be happy you choose any from them,
If you can’t choose one, just choose one by its looks.

There are many regular customer just to buy the bread to-go.

In Christmas season, they offer the stollen; German fruit cake.
Again, it’s really delicious, too!

The enriched other Manu except for breads are with a taste for the French

Of course, there are other menu.

This is the drink page of menu.
There are many choices on meal menu, too.

Every meals are based on French home cooking.

There are Curry, Risotto, Couscous, Ajillo, Pate, Salad, and so on.
There are wide variety of liqar, so it’s good to drink in here alone with relax.

This time I ordered curry.
I love this curry so much.

Curry of lentil & Minced meat.
Very nice and spicy, but not so hot.
Anyway, the taste is addictive.

The volume is just for me (Male, 30s), so it seems to be a little too much for small eater ladies.

”CAFE KOCSI” is the place to relax with reading a book

There are a lots of books in the cafe.

The wide variety of books are in a line, and you can freely pick and read them.
Of course you can bring your own book and read it.

It is very supreme moment that you can read the books at such a comfortable place.
It’s also good to visit here at night, and take you time.

The Origin of the name “CAFE COCSI”

“KOCSI” means “a car” or “a vehicle” in Hungarian.
The owner put meaning into this name to make this place to be a place that everyone want to gather at.

The atmosphere is exactly following this name origin.

Time to relax,
Time to read a book,
Time to eat something,
Time to chat with friends,

People have a gathering at this wonderful place who always welcome you anytime.

So, how about visiting “CAFE KOCSI” where you can have wonderful time?
Please relax and chill at this nice homey cafe.

Reviews and Reputation of “CAFE COSCI”

Access and Information

Japanese Address: 〒604−8084 京都市中京区富小路通三条上ル福長町123 黄瀬ビル2F
English Address: Kise building 2F, Fukunaga-cho, Sanjo-Agaru, Tominokoji-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto 604-8084
Telephone: 075−212−7411
Open Hours: 12:00〜23:00
Regular Holiday:Thursday, Third Wednesday
Credit Cart :not available
Nearest Transport:8 minutes walk from “Shiyakusho-mae station”, Kyoto City Subway.
10 minutes walk from “Karasuma-Oike Station” , Kyoto City Subway.

By bus: 3 minutes walk from “Teramachi-Oike bus stop”, Kyoto City Bus
5 minutes walk from “Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae bus stop”, Kyoto City Bus

Parking lot:None
Nearest metered parking:Kyoto city Oike undergrad parking (京都市御池地下駐車場)





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